Welcome to AllStars!

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Shopfront with Digital Signage


ALLSTARS is a RESELLER retail store located @ Sim Lim Square. We may sound new but we are actually from a prominent ex-retailer in this industry  (over 20 years of experience in the industry).


Core Beliefs : 

We focus on providing our valued customers — Best Priced Products, and Best Customer Oriented Service with an Experienced Team.  


Our products are supported locally by local distributors and vendors. Rest assured, items are 100% authentic + Local Stocks ! (Products are exactly same as Brand Official Store products !)



Your purchase with ALLSTARS will be recognized by manufacturers and local distributors for direct warranty. 

In addition, any defective faults found within 30days can be exchanged at our retail (except for monitors, printers & physically damaged goods).

Be with us as we build the business afresh.

2022 & Beyond
Aug 2019

2019 Grand Opening

Aug 2019 - Soft Opening

Oct 2019 - Grand Opening /
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