Be our FB Member –> encouraged

** Storewide discounts are available for both Normal Login Customers and FB Member Login Customers.

Why become our FB Login member? 

Will better identify yourself as our loyal customer.  There are just too many Spammy Normal Login Registrations that occurred.

How to be our FB Member tier/level Customer?

Step 1 : Like our FB!
Step 2 : FB Login via Our Login (My Account) Page OR
Click : [apsl-login theme=’21’ login_text=’FB Login login_redirect_url=’’]

** There must be a valid email address which we can reach you via email. For those FB members accounts without valid email addresses  such as [Fb_ID with numbers] is not accepted.  Please log into your account in our eshop to change to a proper email address.

Facebook Member Conversion Exercise

There are still quite a number of customers without FB Login. More than half!

Will post your UserName in our NEWS section later.  IF you are one of them, please kindly email to [email protected] to update your Email address which you use in your Facebook Account 

(FB Member Login works via FB API to link up to our ESHOP system)

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